Storage Safety and Security

Frequent D.E.A. Drug Dog Sweeps

High Definition Infrared Security Cameras

We have eyes on the property every second of every day.

If you`ve been here at Pecos Storage any length of time you know that we take safety seriously. That is why we periodically have our property swept by a D.E.A.-trained drug dogs.

Why do we do this? Because we are accessible 24/7 and we are located right off I-10, so there is an opportunity for illicit activities is greater than most. We simply will not allow this element in any way, shape, or form.

What do we do if a dog detects something? The fact is there can be False Positives and therefore we initially contact the renter to discuss the matter (not the police) so we can try to figure out what’s going on. For example, if you took your RV to Rocky Point, Mexico and became an unknowing “mule” you could have something hidden on your vehicle and not even know it.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!




Thanks for watching out for our safety.

Monte and Barbara

Diligence is good! keep it up!

Mark G.

Thank you for taking this step to keep the storage facility safe and secure.  We applaud your efforts. Thank you

Larry C.

Thank you! Good job Rande!! Glad you’re doing it.

Mike K.

Thank you for the information. Proud to be a part of your Pecos Storage family.  Love hearing this news. Thanks for your character and commitment to be law abiding. Blessings

Steve E.

I think this is a great idea.  Thanks for making Pecos Storage a better place.

Gene Lund

Thank you, Rande, for your diligence on this issue.

Michael O.

What a great idea! We did just come back from Rocky Point 4 weeks ago with our RV. That would be messed up having something stashed on the RV making us a mule. We breezed through customs too. Thanks for the “free” service!!!

Jim L.

Rande, I personally am appreciative of this process and encourage it as I would not want to be that victim. Thanks

Annette S.

As always we applaud your efforts and appreciate your pro-activeness

The Holders